EAD for H4 a dream come true??

What a wonderful long weekend. On Saturday, love was in the air, the weather was amazing here in Austin. We went to a beautiful peacock park called the May field Preserve on 35th Street. I recently came to know about this park and took our kids there. Kids had a lot of fun looking at the peacocks and it is a must see in Austin.

                                                       One of the peacock in the park
 Next thing on Saturday was “Cricket”. India won the match against Pakistan and next week we are geared to watch the India Vs South Africa. Hope India does well in that match too :). ESPN offers a package to watch cricket  for $99.99 

I have always wanted to buy a slow cooker and have finally got it. Hamilton 8 Quart crock-pot  for $35.54 and free shipping. Did not find this price in any other store. I am all excited to make more dishes and will share some with you in the future.

I recently read from a Face Book group “H4 visa, a Curse”  and this is what it said :

As shared by many active members of the group – H4 visa EAD Rule has been submitted to the OMB. It is not the Final implementation of the Rule. Please check the steps involved in a Rule making process as well –http://www.reginfo.gov/public/reginfo/Regmap/index.jsp
Official link for the OMB submission –http://www.reginfo.gov/public/do/eoReviewSearch It will take 30 – 60 days to complete the review.
Hopefully the Final H4 visa EAD Rule is coming soon. Thanks”

This made made me curious to know more about EAD for H4 . You have to fall into one of these 2 categories for your spouse to be eligible to get EAD to work in the US:

1) Approved I 140  which is the 2nd stage in Green card Processing through employer after Labor certification.

                                                         (or )

2) Have your H1B extended beyond 6 years. Which means that your Green card or Permanent Resident process is in pending beyond 6 years of H1B.

So from the above conditions it is very clear that  spouses of people ,who just got out  of college and got their H1B approved and then got married  will not be eligible to work immediately in the US. This will surely at least benefit people who have waited so long in frustration , and there is some light at the end of the tunnel for others to be hopeful that they can get EAD once they are eligible for one of the above conditions. 

 I know many H4  friends who are eager to do something to contribute financially to their family. Some of my friends who have a Permanent residence try to see how they can get out of tech and do something else.

Hope this brings some light to some of the immigrant families and for all others the wait continues. I just feel like life is a waiting game and many things are not in our control. Only when we realize that and take control on things we can and move forward we can achieve wonders. Have a wonderful rest of the week and stay tuned.