Does nature need people??

Happy weekend everyone.A very  busy weekend with birthday parties and other functions to attend. Somehow 2 days is always not enough.

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Recent floods and tornado in Texas reminded us that nature is a beast. Weather conditions can change any moment. Last few years Texas was in drought and now suddenly there are floods . I watched the KXAN report on the floods on Blanco river and how it ruined many lives and houses. On the contrary when the rain was pouring here , my mom in India kept complaining about the scorching heat. I was wondering what was really happening.

I was thinking to myself that humans are really not taking care of nature and that is why all this is happening. We pollute the environment to the core and we expect the nature to be ok with it. I have always thought what would nature tell us  if it had voice and could talk to us.

To my surprise I found these videos , where nature, ocean water, rain-forest, coral reef and flower are talking to humans,  going viral all over the social media. Take a look at the video on Nature talking to us

Every word in this video is true. Nature doesn’t need people and we need it. Hope we all think in terms of nature when we do something instead of taking it for granted.Please do share your thoughts on this.

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