Did you that Costco Pricing has a hidden code?

Hi everyone. Happy Friday night. This evening I took my kids to our neighbor’s house to play and another neighbor visited us along with her cute little baby. It is always nice to have people home. I got to see my daughter being  jealous for the first time , she didn’t like it when I held the baby.   We have so many plans for the weekend and I am looking forward to it.

We  have a Costco membership and pretty much go there every week. Whenever we go there, I always think I should have a list,  buy  items from the  list and come back home. But invariably we will end up buying a lot of other things that we didn’t plan and  the bill easily  comes to 100$ . Their free samples are a nice way to make you buy stuff . Once I had a pita chip there, fell in love with it, got a big bag after opening had a few pieces then didn’t like it. We  tend to do a lot of impulse buy too. If my husband goes all by himself he will get so many things which we dont use that often. You have to have a good plan before you step into this store on what you want to buy. I always check out the coupon booklet they hand over and plan for the things to buy .

I thought the coupons were the only way of saving money in Costco until I recently read an article about how to decode their pricing. The article clearly explained that if a product’s price ends in “.99” then it means you are paying the full price for that product. If a product’s price ends in “.97” then you are paying a deal  with a special price decided by the store manager. If a product’s price has the symbol “*” next to it then it means that “this is the best deal you can get on this product and  the product is going to be  out of the store soon” and this is the last chance for you to buy it. I have noticed these prices but never knew the encoding.Apparently a couple have claimed to have saved $300 in over seven months by  watching the price . Next time keep this in mind when you go to Costco and see if you can save some money. Good luck and good night.