Birds of same feather flock together

Hi All , hope all is well.If you have read my post on ( you will know what my profile is . I have lived  in three different cities in the USA. Wherever I have been I have always searched for people from my country.I will  visit the Indian grocery store in those cities to see if I can find more people from India. When someone tells me they are living in a particular city I always ask them “Are there Indians in your city??” , if they say no I’ll ask “How do you manage without Indian friends”.
 So personally I am comfortable only with people from my country and I have very few friends who are Americans.I really didn’t worry about all this, but now when I think of my son he deals mostly with American kids at school. It is surely a change for him and as kids they all play with each other and they get along well. Still his best buddy is an Indian kid. Will this follow for next generation also??, I always wonder whether they talk about their parents and what things they do at home.May be my son might say “My parents always hang around with Indian uncles and aunties”.This reminds me of the saying” Birds of same feather flock together”. Then when I searched for the reasons why we don’t have many American friends, could the below be the reasons??

 *When I talk to some of my American friends I don’t find much things common between us,  so it is this similarity that I look in all people??
*Language , may be I don’t understand what all they speak ,their slang other than work related issues
*Don’t know what they think about me and our way of living
*Culturally we are different and they don’t understand it??
*May be they don’t belong to my religion  and they don’t understand my feeling towards it??
 I  think I need to get out of my comfort zone and make friends with the people of this country to know more about their culture and also see how they live their life. If most of you have already come out of your comfort zone  and made more friends from the country  where you live please give me some tips on how you did it.